Membership and Lending Library

Becoming a member of Babywearing International of Oʻahu has many benefits. Your membership supports this wonderful community and keeps our chapter growing. One of the biggest and most useful membership perks is access to our ever-expanding lending library!

The cost of a yearly membership is $30, a portion which remains with our chapter and another potion goes to Babywearing International, the organization at large. Why in the world would we want to give away part of our money to the national organization? Well, because that money helps them help us! Babywearing International supplies us with informational brochures, educator support and professional development, and donated carriers for our lending library. The part of the membership dues that stay with our Oʻahu chapter. This is money that we use for business cards, other forms of advertising, and, most importantly, carriers for our lending library.

So now that you know what membership money goes toward, you may still be wondering what the incentive is to become a member. By making a donation for a yearly membership to Babywearing International of Oʻahu, you gain access to our lending library! Members have unlimited access to our lending carriers (one carrier at a time for a one month time period) to help you in your carrier selection, seeing if there’s a carrier that you might prefer for the next phase of your babywearing, or even just for the fun of trying out new carriers!

Here is a link to our lending library agreement and a list of our educational lending library posts.


One Response to Membership and Lending Library

  1. Ashley says:

    I am very interested in the meet ups and lending library! However, I do not have a facebook page. Do you have an email list that you email meeting info.? If so can I get on it? Thank you

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