Meet our Volunteers!

We are the Oahu chapter of Babywearing International, a community group with non profit status. Our mission is to serve the community with babywearing education, advocacy, and networking. Our group holds many functions throughout the month that allow you to try out various carriers, learn about a new carry, or network with other babywearers! We offer free educational meetings in multiple locations, we maintain a lending library where members of BWI can borrow a carrier for one month, and we provide online resources and assistance through this blog and our online community Facebook group, Babywearing International of Oahu.

All of our volunteers have undergone the assessment and application process through Babywearing International (BWI) to become volunteer babywearing educators (VBEs) or chapter support volunteers (CSVs).

Meet our Volunteers!

Board of Directors

Emily Layman Perkins, Co-President & CSV


Jaclyn Preciado, Co-President & VBE

13498008_10153564817926922_8539383239669418300_o (1)

Brittany Holland, Vice President & MBE


Hanna Elkins, Vice President & VBE


Angelica Salazar-Tsoi, Vice President & VBE



Our Educators

Courtney Caranguian, ABE

Kai Ibara, VBE


Miriam Amory, VBE


Danielle Vivian, VBE


Chelsey Simmons, VBE


Ashlee Gutierrez, VBE


Our Educators In Training

Krystal Woods, CSV


Manina Mestas, CSV


Ty Chapman, CSV


Larissa Johnson, CSV


Our Chapter Support Volunteers

Melanie Tom, CSV


Jamie Ann Reis, CSV


Sammy Briseno Vasquez, CSV


Arlea Stogsdill Trahan, CSV

Clarissa Alfaro, CSV


VBE: Volunteer Babywearing Educator

ABE: Advanced Babywearing Educator

MBE: Master Babywearing Educator

CSV: Chapter Support Volunteer




One Response to Meet our Volunteers!

  1. Carmen says:

    My name is Carmen McLevin. I am from Alberta, Canada. I am currently on Kauai but will be in Oahu in a little over a week. I have created a Babywearing Yoga class and I would love to share a class with you and your members. No charge of course I just want to share my passion 🙂
    This is a class description of one of the classes I teach.
    Bālamātarau Yoga
    Baby Wearing Yoga
    – front carry position
    Deepening the connection with yourself, your baby, and creating a wonderful community so you can stay connected in a tangible way.
    Each 1 hour baby wearing yoga class includes three parts. Flowing yoga movements, slow methodical exercises for strength and awareness, and a little time to visit with your yoga room neighbours.
    Classes take into account reduced joint stability, reduced core strength, pelvic floor changes, and the need for outside connection and sharing.
    Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat, a onsie baby can wear during the asana (physical class) portion, your baby carrier, and any items you bring on a regular outing.

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