Babywearing International of Oahu works hard to support our members and community in the best way possible. For the past few years our volunteers have been transporting multiple suitcases across the island to each meeting in order to have all of our carriers accessible to all of our attendees. Our volunteers have coordinated pick ups and drop offs, jigsawed multiple suitcases into their cars, and loaded and unloaded all of the carriers at each meeting. We have decided it is time to make a change and to do a library split so that each of our three meeting locations can have its very own library. Not only does this eliminate the shuffling of the library back and forth all over the island but it also allows each meeting location to have access to every carrier. We have a carefully made list of all of the most checked out and tried on carriers that will be included in each meeting’s libraries but in order to make this split happen we need to raise funds. One of our wonderful volunteers has organized a fundraiser at Panda Express Mililani Town Center location for June 10th, 2017. All you have to do in order to help BWI of Oahu is go eat at Panda Express on this day and show them this fly (printed or mobile version accepted) and 20% of your purchase will be donated to us! Thank you to our volunteer, Jamie for setting this up and to Panda Express for donating to our non profit organization. In this post you will find a picture of the flyer available to print or save to your mobile device as well as a list of the carriers we need in order to complete our library split! You can also send monetary donations through PayPal to:

We appreciate your support and hope you can find time to enjoy some Panda Express on June 10th in Mililani!

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