BWIO Has New Carriers!

Have you been interested in becoming a member of Babywearing International of Oahu? If you have, now is the perfect time to invest in a membership. In the past few months we have added many wonderful new carriers to our library. These carriers are available to try on and to check out at our monthly meetings. If you become a member you have access to all of the carriers in our lending library and you have the ability to check them out for one whole month at a time. Our lending library consists of stretchy wraps, ring slings, soft structured carriers, water carriers, and woven wraps. We have been working hard fundraising to grow our library and fill it with carriers that you all have been asking for.

We have recently added over 12 ring slings (including two water ring slings with UPF fabric, perfect for taking your little one to the beach) and over 12 soft structured carriers including a Tula free to grow, three lillebaby airflows, kinderpacks, a tula coast, and multiple wrap conversion Soul Sling carriers. In addition to ring slings and soft structured carriers we have added over five meh deis, two stretchy wraps, and a handful of woven wraps.

BWI of Oahu is so excited to continue expanding our library with carriers that we know our community is interested in trying and borrowing. When purchasing carriers we consider which carriers are checked out the most often and what people who attend meetings look for in a carrier. Being in Hawaii we try to purchase cooler carriers, as cool as you can get with a baby attached anyway, in light colors.

We have included pictures of just a few of our new carriers. We hope to see you at a meeting soon where you can come look at the rest of them along with our entire lending library! Our lending library is available at all official meetings to try on carriers, learn how to use them with the help of volunteer babywearing educators, and check out carriers (new and old) to take home and try out for the month!

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