Volunteers Wanted!

Babywearing International 0f Oahu is recruiting volunteers! Our organization is run solely on volunteers, without all of our current volunteers we would not be able to host meetings or play dates. We would not be able provide in person and online help with carriers. We would not be able to use lend carriers out from our lending library. We are passionate about babywearing and know that many of you are as well. We would love to see you as a Volunteer Babywearing Educator or Chapter Support Volunteer.

You may be asking yourself, what do these positions entail? I’ll tell you!

Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE) must complete a skills assessment showing their ability to babywear. Do you only know how to use one type of carrier? That’s okay! BWI of Oahu provides training to our VBEs on how to teach and assist other caregivers with babywearing.

Chapter Support Volunteers (CSV) help our chapter stay organized during meetings. You will be checking members in, checking in and out carriers, chatting with caregivers about what they would like to learn, and maybe even watching toddlers as they run around.

For more details on becoming part of our volunteering team you can e-mail us at oahu@babywearinginternational.org, find our public or group Facebook page by searching for Babywearing International of Oahu and messaging us there, finding our Instagram at @BWIOFOAHU, or messaging us here through our blog. volunteer

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