BWIO’s Statement of Social Justice

Babywearing International of Oahu’s Statement of Social Justice

Recently, an issue confined to several closed groups on Facebook was brought out into the public: Didymos and its Ind*o wrap. In short, the design and name of this wrap are examples of hurtful cultural appropriation. Babywearing International (BWI) has issued a statement against racism and appropriation (…/bwi-statement-agains…/) and has asked its chapters to consider removing these Didymos wraps from circulation. Babywearing International of Oahu stands behind BWI’s statement, and also offers the following:

We are a babywearing community, but we are also a community of people, of a diverse set of caregivers who have the best for their families and children in mind. So we will commit to our own statement of social justice. We will make sure our community is inclusive to all, regardless of age, citizenship status, class, color, disability, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, national origin, parental status, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Along with BWI, our community will not tolerate silencing, tone policing, or otherwise oppressing marginalized groups. We will remain respectful to all of our community members and we will allow everyone to have a voice. We will practice mindfulness about our own privilege and listen to those who may not always get the chance to talk.

We recognize that babywearing, the very foundation of this community, is thousands of years old and comes from many rich traditions around the world. We will keep in mind and acknowledge these traditions and cultures whenever we can, making an effort to realize that babywearing is not a new trend, but a practice with a rich history.

Your chapter leadership will be removing the Didymos wrap in question from library circulation. Although this is not just a statement against Didymos’s appropriated wraps, we will use that as our jumping off point and will be looking into other potentially culturally appropriative designs. We will listen to your opinions, questions, and concerns, whether stated in the comments on this post, brought up in private messages, or emailed to our account (

Although we do not allow tone policing, we ask that you stay as respectful as possible when discussing these sensitive issues. State your opinion, but realize when you should be listening. Ask questions, but understand that it is not the responsibility of any marginalized person to speak for their whole community or to give answers. Express your concerns, but reflect on them first, thinking carefully about how your concerns may impact others.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this statement. Below, you will find some links to further reading.

Together, we can continue to make this an inclusive community for all wearers.

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