Traveling with Keiki #2 – Yun’s Story

We’ve traveled a ton with our son during the first few years if his life. Trips to Seoul, Seattle, San Fran, and even to Florida were all done before he turned two of age. We never traveled with a stroller. Only a car seat that snapped onto our Bugaboo. I mean who would carry all our bags?


So by the time we went on our first trip with #2 we were fully capable of breezing through the security checks with both kids strapped on. People gawked at us as we walked through the airport and complement my wraps. We were able to get through security in less than five minutes tops even with all our bags, stroller, laptops, and hand swiping. Traveling was easy!! Two kids no problem!!

We spoke too soon! When our daughter was six months old we traveled to Seattle and hit Portland on our way back. My husband decided I was bringing way too many wraps (a 3, a 4, and a 6) to be exact and thought I would just wrap the kids on him if we needed to just like when I strap them on him with the Kinderpack. Boy was he wrong!!!

Everyone knows how crazy it can get even if you’re early to the airport. That being said, we are the ones that are always late. Blazing by with our babies and bags, running to the terminal before they take off. For some reason, the kids always prefer to nap or are still in their slumber at that time. Without our Kinderpack I would end up being the pack mule……As you can see here. It wasn’t too bad a few months ago when both kids weighed a little less…..but with almost 50 lbs on you after a week of nursing the kids from the flu I could have killed my husband for not wearing one of them! So note to self, in order to blaze through the airport, and when you have two kids be sure to have a husband friendly carrier with you for the big kid. We will likely also take our BOB next time for emergencies for the sleepy big kid and for the bags but that will infringe upon our ability to make it under five minutes at the security checkpoints BUT wearing both kids through is a priority so that we don’t have to have additional kids checked and take longer than we have to there.


With that off my chest….(poor husband) everything else on the flight is pretty simple. Take off and landings are usually done with a nursing infant to help with the altitude change and something non electronic to keep the toddler occupied. Always drink a ton of water to keep the swelling and bugs at bay. We also always back a ton of snacks to keel the kids busy. My faves are rice crackers, sweet potatoes, dried fruits and nuts, and jerky. You can take small waters in to for the kids. Security will test it so be sure to have it in a kid friendly bottle.

We are somewhat recovered from our last trip this past fall and feel like we should gear up for another trip soon. So we will have to practice the opening and closing of the BOB, the fast buckling of the kids on their dad, and the ability to pack as minimally as possible even with two kids. Then I think we are good……I hope :p


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