Travel – Cheryll’s Story

travel pictures

Blurry traveling pictures of babywearers in the wild.

We went to visit my husband’s family last year, when my baby was about seven months old.  At the time, I was still learning how to back wrap.  Thankfully, I had a wrap conversion mei tai (wcmt) that let me back wrap waaaay faster, higher and tighter than I could sort out on my own.  I think we brought a couple of wraps, a ring sling, a wcmt, and my husband’s Ergo.

Leaving Hawaii was easy enough.  I wore my baby in the wcmt and we went right through the security line without a hitch.  They didn’t ask me to take my baby down; they had me go through the old-style metal detector (as opposed to the 3D scanners they are currently employing) and swabbed my hand for chemicals used in explosives.  No issues there!

Naps were hard.  Our layovers were around 90 minutes long and my baby was napping around three times a day at that time.  We took the red-eye out and she slept fine on the plane–but when it was time to land, it was daylight outside and my baby thought she slept the whole night when she only slept about three hours!  Sure, technically, she did sleep the whole night…  She napped during most of the layovers, on my back in the wcmt or in the front of my huband in his Ergo, so she had about an hour of sleep between planes.  She slept fitfully on the plane rides; more than once, I had to walk around with the sound of a heavy downpour coming from my phone while I held her in a nursing position in my ring sling.  I have a picture of my husband pacing the plane, as well!  Anything to get her to nap!  We were asked to remove her from the carriers every time we took off (we usually had her in a carrier to board, but not for take off).  I was grateful for my wcmt–I was able to get her on my back in under a minute, without requiring a lot of space.  We really needed babywearing for gathering up and navigating with our luggage!  I did have to be mindful of where she was and not bang her head on the plane as we boarded. My husband would wear her when we disembarked.

I’m so grateful we had babywearing as a tool to get us through traveling.  I’m glad she was napping well in carriers at the time.  I couldn’t imagine having to pace with her AND hold her weight to get her to nap.  My baby had a blast, even if she was exhausted.  She loves looking at people’s faces and enjoyed seeing all kinds of people at the airport and plane rides!


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