Babywearing while traveling

Traveling with kids… does that strike dread into your heart? We live on an island, so if we are going to do any kind of traveling, it usually requires airplanes. Our VBEs have traveled and will be sharing their stories this week!

When it comes to this topic in a more general sense, the safest option is a buying a seat for the baby and using a car seat or other FAA approved harness. If you have a child on your lap (the policy varies depending on the airline) keep in mind that you may be asked to take the baby out of the carrier for take off and landing.

Babywearing is a perfect tool for navigating the airports and for the vacation on-the-go! Wearing your baby safely keeps your little one out of trouble, unable to be jostled or handled by strangers, and gives them an option to sleep or hide their face if they feel over-stimulated from all the new sights! Carriers are easier to pack than strollers and have much less risk of being broken through vigorous jostling by luggage handlers. So, really, the big question isn’t “should I babywear while traveling” but rather “which carrier(s) should I take on my vacation?”

Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our traveling with kids stories!

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