Babywearing Journals – Courtney

My name is Courtney and I’ve been babywearing for about nine months now. My son, whom we will call K, is ten months old. I am and have been married to Franklin for about two years now. We live on the windward side of Oahu, and spend a lot of time outdoors or in the living room.
I would have never guessed I would be an avid babywearer. I sure did not know one thing about babywearing until finding some online friends from my “What To Expect” mom group, who had some similar parenting strategies. After observing their woven wraps, and seeing them use them, I was amazed, but never thought I could do it. It just looked complicated, there was no way I would be patient enough.
I decided to buy a simple work-at-home-mom (WAHM) jersey wrap, as well as the Baby K’tan. These carriers were simple and I really enjoyed them. I also bought an Infantino Ergonomic baby carrier. These truly served us well and helped me build my love for babywearing. I eventually sold all of these to fund my first woven wrap. I remember selling my Baby K’tan and crying because that was the first thing I ever wore K in. (I am tearing as I write this, this is how you know you are attached to a carrier). I still miss it, honestly.
Well, along came our first woven wrap, which was a Girasol Saltillo 7. I had also purchased a Babyhawk Mei Tai from the swap. When these carriers arrived, I worked hard to master each technique. Mei tais were our calling though. I could get K into the carrier and he was as happy as a clam. The wrap, on the other hand, just was not as easy for us to master.
During this time I learned about wrap conversions and I became obsessed with wanting one. I stalked TMD and purchased two slots within two weeks of each other. I wanted to create a carrier for K that he would be forever happy in and that I would be confident in wearing.
While waiting for these conversions to be made, we dabbled more in wraps. We tried other carriers too. I would know when K liked a carrier or wrap because he would fall right asleep and he felt comfortable. I remember trying on the Tula and he just screamed. I sold it right away. Babies are smart, so I listened to K when he was uncomfortable. Within this little timeframe, I furthermore decided to create my own carrier and successfully made a podaegi carrier. I aim to make more carriers for my future children.
Over the past nine or so months, K has become very patient. He has also learned and chosen to enjoy being worn. I find that when he is in discomfort from teething or getting hurt, that putting him in a wrap cheers him up and makes him feel secure.  He loves his Vatanai Igloolik wrap. When I bring it out, he screams for joy.
If it was not for babywearing, I do not how we would be getting things done. I love the versatility that wraps and carriers give us. Furthermore, I love the closeness that I get with K. He won’t be a baby forever.
Babywearing is a beautiful art and I am sure very grateful for it.
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