Sunday Update – Sept Week 3

Our meeting on Tuesday at Catlin by the Airport was great, as usual!  Always love helping a new mama wrap her squish; this time using our lending library Natibaby Clovers 6 in a front wrap cross carry (FWCC).  We also helped mamas practice back carries such as the ruck and the back wrap cross carry (bwcc) and a grandma learned a front cross carry (FCC).  We went over tips on how to tighten strand by strand, how to keep the seat nice and deep and how to get baby on your back. 

There were lots of wraps and different fibre contents to feel and try, even outside the lending library. We talked about wrap conversions (mei tais and ring slings) and the differences between the soft structured carrier brands.

And we have two more members and even checked out one of the wraps!  Thank you for your support!! ❤

Don't forget the next meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month from 6pm to 8pm in Waipahu!  Check the Meeting and Location Information tab for more details.  We will be ready to take memberships at that meeting, please bring $30 in cash or check for the annual dues if you are interested in signing up!

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