Sunday Update – Week 2

We had our first meeting in Makiki on Friday, from 3PM to 5PM. It was a blast! We met a handful of new caregivers and saw a couple of regulars.

We helped one mama cinch her Ergo for her sweet newborn. All you need is a hair-tie or scrunchy! Then you don’t need to use an insert or a pillow/blanket and you can keep baby’s legs out (as recommended by Babywearing International and other babywearing authorities). Cinching this way and having legs out also allows for more airflow, which is always good in Hawaii! Here’s a video by Steffany on how to do it; you can use this method with any soft structured carrier (SSC), not just the Ergo! If you’re also concerned about neck support, you can roll up a blanket and place it around the baby’s neck. Come to any of our meetings and we can help you with this!

We also did some rucksack carries with a Tibetan finish, which is the best beginner’s carry when you’re ready to learn back carries, once LO is sitting up unassisted. Babywearing Faith has some wonderful videos. We have a file called “Tutorials” in the Babywearing International of Oahu group where you can find links to awesome babywearing educator’s channels on YouTube and links to specific tutorials.

The most exciting news is we got our first member! Right now, we are only able to accept members in person and payments must be in cash or check form but in the near future, we will be able to accept members online. Thank you, our very first member, for supporting babywearing in the community and helping us to expand the lending library!! ❤

Our next meeting is at Catlin Community Center on Tuesday, from 10AM to 12PM. (Remember to look to the top right of this page for the calendar widget!) We hope to see you there!

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