Babywearing Journals – Kai

Hi! I’m Christyn Ibara but I’m normally known as Kai since that’s my middle name.  I’m married to Branden and we have two kids, F who is our three-year-old son and N who is our fifteen-month-old daughter. They will be named Kabocha and Squeak for the purpose of naming them in this post.

I have been wearing Kabocha for three years.  Once he out grew the Ergo at 22 pounds, I started my journey into the wonderful world of babywearing. I got my first woven wrapStorchenweige Red Leo, size 6in October 2012. I have loved using wraps since, but before I dove into wrapping, I practiced by sewing my own out of cotton linen.

Once I got the hang of wrapping, I really enjoyed it! I got interested in tandem wearing (wearing two children at the same time) and used my Ergo and Colimacon et Cie Aqua wrap. I didn’t like that combo because I needed a soft structure carrier (the Ergo) with a wider seat. I’m still trying different carries with my Kabocha baby so that is a “To Be Continued”.

  Overall, I enjoy using my size 2 woven wrap to robozo carry Squeak or to use in a ruck tied under bum carry. I carry Squeak every day, as my babywearing days are numbered as she gets closer to 2 years old, but I hope to extend that time as much as I can!

I have also used a towel to carry both of my kids…not in a tandem carry but it makes a comfortable/affordable option. I hope to share my insight on tandem wearing, back carries with woven wraps, using a towel to baby wear, and offer my babywearing tips in humid Oʻahu. I hope new parents or new-to-babywearing parents will find this information helpful! Happy Babywearing!

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