Lending Library Features – Ring Slings

Let’s talk ring slings! What is a ring sling? It’s a long piece of fabric with two rings sewn on one end. That’s it! Sometimes, a pocket is sewn on the end without the rings. They can be made of bottom weight fabric or woven wraps. There are even ring slings you can wear in the water, made of a material that dries quickly. The rings themselves should be smooth and weight bearing (like Sling Rings). The shoulder types can vary greatly and comfort is a matter of personal preference. Before you use a ring sling, you should check the sewing at the shoulder to make sure there are no issues.

They’re amazing during the newborn stage, when one shoulder carries are quite comfortable. As a single layer carry, it’s nice and cool–for both baby and caregiver. As baby gets older (and heavier), one shoulder carries may not be as comfortable, but sometimes you need something quick for walk from the car to the house with a double handful of groceries. Then you hit that stage where baby becomes a toddler and you just never know when they need a 10 minute break from running around! Enter your ring sling, small, quick and easy to fold and keep in your bag.

Here are some video tutorials on ring slings:

These tutorials pretty much cover safe and comfortable ring sling use. Back carries or using a ring sling to do a rucksack carry are off-label carries which means they are not recommended by the manufacturer. Keep the rings visible at all times. Below are pictures of front and hip carries.

Our lending library currently has three ring slings!

Maya Wrap (“Wrap” is part of the name, but it is a ring sling). Shoulder style – pleats, Maya Wrap’s own style
Maya Wrap front

Maya wrap side

Maya Wrap back

Sakura Bloom. Shoulder style – gathered
Sakura Bloom front

Sakura Bloom side

Sakura Bloom back

Zolowear. Shoulder style – lightly padded, small pleats on the side, a hotdog type of shoulder
Zolowear front

Zolowear side

Zolowear back

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